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The advanced 5G infrastructures of Vicomtech, I2Cat and Gradiant receive the recognition of CDTI in the first year review

Last November Vicomtech received the visit of Juan Manuel Sánchez, from the Project Control Division of the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

The main objective of the visit was to carry out a technical, administrative, and economic review of the first year of the Open-VERSO project.

The main technical topics discussed were related to the achievement of one of the major milestones of the project, which is to have a complete 5G testbed at the facilities of each partner, Vicomtech, Gradiant and i2CAT.

Currently, the 3 members of the consortium have advanced 5G infrastructures that they put at the service of companies to carry out deployment tests of their services and allow them to fine-tune the technologies and services for their commercialization.

These results obtained represent a notable boost to the scientific and industrial activity of the project. The several dissemination actions carried out are attracting the attention of different actors to make use of the experimentation infrastructures. In addition, some knowledge transfer agreements are being forged with companies, which allow the consortium to fulfill another of the main objectives of the Cervera Network of Excellence.

The ultimate goal of federating the different infrastructures will provide the consortium with a strategic position for future projects and initiatives.

The conclusions of this visit and review of the results were positive and encourage the partners to continue their research and to advance in the remaining months of the project.

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