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Cervera Network of Excellence to accelerate the evolution of 5G and future next-generation mobile communication networks

The main objective of Open-VERSO, the National Network of Excellence in 5G and future technologies, is to address the design of an architecture of a comprehensive 5G network, evolvable to 6G technologies, and aimed at creating a federated ecosystem that enables knowledge transfer to the industrial sector.







  • Definition and development of the architecture of a common advanced mobile communications network infrastructure
  • To demonstrate and evaluate the viability of an infrastructure based on the “Open RAN” concept and its integration in the cloud
  • Develop a federated ecosystem that allows the cluster to serve as a neutral operator of an advanced network architecture and infrastructure
  • Demonstrate the viability and performance of key technologies for the evolution of networks beyond 5G.
  • Experimentally demonstrate the viability of Open-VERSO to enable key innovations of current 5G technologies and beyond 5G in different sectors
  • Serve as an enabler for the industrial sector and the Spanish scientific / technical community

Cervera Priority Technologies

The Open-VERSO National Excellence network promoted by CDTI is part of the Cervera initiative for Technology Centers.

The purpose of the program is to strengthen the technological centers that carry out applied research in Spain, as well as their driving role in the Spanish Science, Technology and Innovation System as a whole.

Specifically, it is intended to strengthen the capacities of these centers in strategic technologies through networking, as well as to foster their capacity for collaboration with different agents, especially companies.

Cervera priority technologies are grouped into 10 large areas:

  • Advanced materials
  • Eco-Innovation
  • Energy Transition
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Technologies for health
  • Safe and healthy food chain
  • Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Advanced mobile networks
  • Intelligent Transport
  • Information protection

Open-VERSO is part of the priority area of advanced mobile networks.

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