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i2CAT conducts a course on 5G networks for vocational training teachers

The Generalitat de Catalunya regularly provides teachers of the educational system with training courses in consortium with universities and public or private institutions in the territory. Due to i2CAT Foundation’s broad expertise in the field of 5G in Catalonia, the research center was invited to give a training course on 5G networks this past April and May, through a consortium with the Rovira i Virgili University. In particular, this training course was aimed at vocational training teachers from the Tarragona area interested in expanding their knowledge of next-generation cellular networks.

The course has provided an introduction to 5G technology by explaining the different elements of a 5G network and the new features that these networks provide compared to previous generations of mobile networks. In addition, the training enabled teachers to become familiar with the commercially available equipment that allows for experimenting with 5G technology.

The course has been structured in two thematic areas: a first part dedicated to 5G mobile networks, oriented to radio access and backbone parts of the network; and a second block dedicated to cloud- and edge-based infrastructure. Each thematic block addressed the theoretical concepts necessary to understand the practical activities.

As a result, the training course given by i2CAT allowed participants to deepen their knowledge of 5G networks, and achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the evolution of mobile networks up to 5G and its standardization process
  • Get a fundamental knowledge of the elements of a 5G network, including hardware and software elements, as well as the architecture of the network and its different modes of operation
  • Understand the extensions of 5G networks for specific verticals, such as: Internet of Things (IoT) applications, vehicular communications, critical communications and satellite communications
  • Get to know the options available in the market to be able to prepare a 5G experimentation laboratory
  • Become familiar with the 5G lab equipment and gain practical experience in setting it up
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